GenMarc Research leverage the power of expertise and exposure in the research field, we provide unmatched services to our clients. Our aim is to provide our client with the right guidance, sample plan, methodology, partners, and data. When a client submits a bid to GenMarc Research, we review it thoroughly to ensure all specifications make sense demographically and/or firmographically. We summarize the feasibility and pricing as quickly as possible.

    Our goal is to revert the bid within 24 hours for complex bids and no more than 4 hours for simple bids. We can get a project into the field within hours of project agreement and on the weekends when necessary. In addition, we monitor all active projects twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

    Survey Programming :-

    GMR have team of programmers who are skilled in programming online surveys. GMR's survey programming team has extensive experience in use of various programming tools like ConfirmIT, SPSS-Dimensions etc to deliver the results as per client's requirement for moderate to complex projects.

    Our expert design and programming team can develop surveys that are logically correct, effective, accurate and a graphics that is easy and convenient to the respondent taking the survey ensuring to keep them engaged till end of survey.

    Our Survey design and development services include below:-
    • Survey Design
    • Survey Programming
    • Flash development
    • Any other services as requirement of survey

    Panel Services :-
    • B2C sample provider
    • B2B sample provider
    • Healthcare sample provider
    • Social media research

    B2C sample provider :-
    GenMarc Research conducts variety of consumer insights studies including qualitative and quantitative market research. We at GenMarc support your need to understand consumer's attitudes, awareness and preferences of various countries across the world.

    We have profiled the sample by Geography, Zip code, Sex, Age, Household Income, etc. For detailed profiling, refer to our panel book.

    B2B sample provider :-
    GMR is bound to provide you authenticated and largest B2B sample for all kind of your research projects. GMR has already established itself as a master in B2B sample by providing required sample for niche B2B targeting to our clients. We'll work with you to ensure that the information you need is there for you to make your important business decisions.

    We have a very wide range of B2B targeting where we specialize in the following audience groups :-
    • Business-to-Business
    • Small Business Owners
    • Information Technology Decision Makers (ITDM's)
    • Information Technology Professionals (IT Pros)
    • Business Decision Makers (BDM's)
    • Human Resource Decision Makers (HRDM's)
    • Business and Leisure Travellers
    • Telecommunication Decision makers and All type of Decision Makers
    • Teachers and Professors
    • Healthcare etc.

    Healthcare sample provider :-
    Our Healthcare Panel comprise of difficult-to-reach targets – profiling a range of healthcare specialities and a diverse mix of ailments. We provide insight into the important healthcare segments like physician, nurses and patients with further subdivisions.

    We are also able to reach tough healthcare audiences in the consumer ailment segment as well like, Haemophiliacs or their caregivers, Cancer patients, AIDS/HIV patients, Narcoleptics etc.

    Social media research:
    Social media is an important technological trend that has been used by researchers these days to extract the views of customers about various aspects of their life. Social Media are technological tools that allow users sharing and discuss information over internet based applications such as blogs, social networking sites etc. Social media provides unbiased consumer voices and provides data for impartial evaluation of products and brands in quick turnaround and cost effective manner.